Lesestoff, 08.05.13

Old School Dungeons & Dragons: Wizards of the Coast’s Problem Child – By Peter Bebergal


As Dungeons and Dragons became more rulebound and combat-oriented, some players revived older, more expressive forms of the game. But is the Old School Renaissance itself just more nerd fundamentalism?

Some Excerpts From Pat Robertson’s Recent Anti-Dungeons & Dragons Rant

«…D&D (and anything close to it) is quite a morally bankrupt game. It’s about characters who deliberately choose to go into violent conflicts because of greed; it’s about performing violence and trickery….»

«This kind of moral bankruptcy is the core of what makes it fascinating to children — it’s «bad» and transgressive…»

«Being a participatory medium, it’s actually much more serious business than allowing children to, say, watch violent movies…»

Dungeons & Dragons in a theater near you

Two D&D-related plays are running this April: SHE KILLS MONSTERS is at the Steppenwolf in Chicago until 4/21, and GOLDOR $ MYTHYKA: A HERO IS BORN is at the New Ohio Theater in New York until 4/27.

Ray Harryhausen, Whose Creatures Battled Jason and Sinbad, Dies at 92

Mr. Harryhausen often told interviewers that for all the advances in complexity, precision and detail that computer-generated imagery had brought to filmmaking in recent years, he thought some of the necessary magic had been lost.

“There’s a strange quality in stop-motion photography, like in ‘King Kong,’ that adds to the fantasy,” he said in 2006. “If you make things too real, sometimes you bring it down to the mundane.”

SR5 development: Wireless bonuses
last ned

We decided that one of our goals for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition was to make it harder for people to decide to turn off their wireless functionality. We thought about using carrots or sticks for motivation, and we settled on carrots. The way this works out in game mechanics is that gear comes with a standard bonus and a wireless bonus. Want to use it without a security risk? Great, you still get good functionality from your piece of gear. Want a little extra performance? Then crank up the wireless.

Fudge dice kickstarter oppe

These dice will be great for playing hit Role Playing Games like: + Strands of Fate –  Diaspora + Spirit of the Century –  Dresden Files + Time Heroes –  Atomic Robo

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