Freeform scenario writing resources

442_10152903977320131_1729770880_nHere are some resources, fairly new and older, on writing scenarios and short “scripts” in the freeform tradition. Could be of interest to Fastaval writers, Golden Cobra participants and others with an interest in the format.

These are links I’ve gathered over the past two years, with generous help from friends in Scandinavia and further abroad.

If you have some good tips I’ve omitted, please let us know in comments. Best of luck with your games!

In English:

Lizzie Stark’s Pocket Guide to American Freeform (PDF or booklet for purchase)

Some articles on freeform from Lizzie’s blog.

Larps from the Factory: «writing a larp script» (mostly geared towards short-larps, but a lot of it seems relevant)

Jeepform dictionary/techniques/games

Play With Intent: Matthijs Holter og Emily Care Boss’ toolkit of freeformtechniques.

Fiction – a flexible freeform framework can be used as a stand-alone tool for improvising games in this format, or as an add-on to Play With Intent.

The Nordic Larp Wiki

Some games in English
Several finished scripts in English are available for free from the Stockholm Scenario Festival archives.

Some of the Bully Pulpit games are written in this style, such as Juggernaut, Out of Dodge, The Climb, ‘Terps.

Also see Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon, Under my Skin and Remodel from Black and Green Games.

Please also see Golden Cobra’s webpage.


Kinky Consent: Emotional and Physical Negotiation in Freeform Games

Some design thoughts and insights into the Nordic freeform tradition in this interview with Stockholm Scenario Festival organizer Anna Westerling.

In Swedish:
Tobias Wrigstad – at skriva jeepform

In Danish:

Blackbox? Semi-larp? Freeform? Balloon-form? I've lost track. White Death 2014. Photo: Li Xin.

Blackbox? Semi-larp? Freeform? Balloon-form? I’ve lost track. White Death 2014. Photo: Li Xin.

Fastaval-kompendie 2007


Scenarier – for rookies

Workshophåndboken, oppvarmingsøvelser.

En 60 sider lang dansk bok med råd til Fastaval-spillere!

En 40 sider lang dansk bok med råd til Fastaval-spilledere!

Liste over Otto-vinnerne gjennom en årrekke

De fleste av vinnerscenariene kan lastes ned gratis fra

Se også scenariemedansvarlig Troels’ kloke ord på bloggen Plan B.

Mange av tipsene over er samlet på Fastavals egen ressursside for skribenter.


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