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We’ve played three consecutive sessions of Lamentations of the Flame Princess now and every one of them was a belter

We began with:-

  • Sir Pendel Blond: 2nd level Fighter, darling of the court and leader of the clandestine mission into Vornheim to discover why priestesses of Maudlyn sent to convert the ancient city to the One True Faith keep disappearing without a trace.
  • Ergan Flintaxe: 2nd level Dwarf, emissary of the long-buried Dwarven Empire of the North, sent to build diplomatic bridges with the rich and fertile territory of the Empress Maudlyn in the south, armed with a map of the sewers beneath Vornheim.
  • Legacy Bateman: 2nd level Magic-User, only 8 ½ years old, ostensibly squire and escort to NPC Cleric of Maudlyn Sister Mordite, but given to whispering in the dark to the last remaining canine incisor of disgraced forebear the Archaeomancer Bateman, who’d defected…

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