Spillpitch: The Worst Wizards’ School

RPG.net-brukeren Scurrilous har bestemt seg for å ødelegge Harry Potter for deg. Det gjøres ved hjelp av spillpitchen The Worst Wizards School:

The old abandoned brick works were just out of town at the worst end of things. The crumbling brick tenements where the workers used to live were still standing and inhabited and after that there was the turbid little river and then the brick works. The train tracks that used to run by them had been torn up for the scrap steel and landscaping timbers long ago and even the gravel had been scraped up and dragged away, leaving a dead, lifeless path that ran to the ruined wooden bridge.

The few children who grew up in the tenements, where the rent was cheap and the land lords didn’t ask questions, avoided the brick works. There were rumors,. There were strange lights in the windows on moonless nights and many had seen the ragged robed and hooded shadows passing across the rubble strewn yard. Even the junkies stayed away. They said they could see ghosts around the place and more than a few went cold turkey after they did.

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