Recreating Roman Pantomime


Just a week or so ago we mentioned the Practicing Pantomime Project  … the folks involved should maybe talk to this guy, or he should talk to them … from Pressconnects:

For his final project as a Binghamton University undergraduate, local theater wunderkind Santino DeAngelo has decided to re-create an art form that’s been lost for 2,000 years.

No examples of ancient Roman pantomime — a popular entertainment that incorporated music, dance and storytelling – have survived in written form to the modern day. Scholars debate the reasons for that: Some think it’s because the pantomimes were considered “low” entertainment, while others speculate that many aspects of the performances were constructed through on-the-spot directions to actors and singers that were not preserved.

“It was basically the equivalent of television,” DeAngelo said in a recent interview. “Plays were known by their writers, but these pantomimes were famous for the artists —…

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Spillkarakterer som narrative verktøy

Har spillerne dine gjennomskuet glassveggene i sandkasseverdenen din? Forsøk Jørgensens/Biowares metode fra Eludamos. Journal for Computer Game Culture, Vol 4, No 2 (2010)

(…)both player characters and other characters carry narrative progression, but companions are the most important devices for creating a richer narrative experience. While the player characters in both games are important for the growth and development of companions by working as advisors in personal and moral dilemmas, companions are scripted with particular potentials for development which the player may or may not activate. In this sense, the game designers have effectively removed narrative control from the player without making the player feel powerless in the progression of events, and enabled narrative progression through using companions as distributors of narrative information.

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