Brudpris – play report

Oliver Nøglebæk rapporterer fra Brudpris, en laiv om æreskultur.

Nordic Larper

A larp about honour culture and a lot more

I’m not quite sure where I’m going to start on describing this larp, since it is such a complex experience.


The premise of the game is an isolated culture, Mo, where people have chosen to stick to their oldways and remove themselves from the march of progress. They look and act similar to rural scandinavia circa mid-1800s, but their beliefs and traditions are what makes this more than just a lovely old-timey game.


In women, they believe, lies the force of life. This is the force that allows them to be fertile and bear children, but it is also a dangerous and destructive force, that must be controlled so that the world itself is safe.

This is the basis for the rituals we played through during the run of the game. Rituals where girls became women and woke up the life…

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