Spilltest: A Poem for Mr. Morning

Spillskaper og poet Mørkrids test går i morgen, onsdag klokken 1800.

RED.: Arrangementet flyttet til søndag!

Fra spillteksten:

This game is all about being human. It is about what makes an ordinary human sad, and glad. So the game will consist of mostly ordinary stuff; like a cloudy morning, a lively dinner table, a hike in the woods, an evening before the telly, driving the family-car …

This «ordinary» stuff, however; is actually quite extraordinary. It is the stuff lives are made by. It is the stuff that makes us happy, or miserable. It is, in short, the magic stuff by which fates are woven. Our fate are woven in our everyday life. The magic is there; subtle, unimposing, slowly evolving, and mostly invisible.

This game offers you a rare chance to look in on the real magic of a human life.


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