Stangors Saga: Day 25

Stangor better now, finally gather two Goldenfish Bait. Want two more so Stangor be sure not to fuck up Goldenfish Quest for fifth time. Stangor much better fisherman now. But must have Firefly to make Goldenfish Bait — combine with Snakebee Larva. Stangor have all Larvae Stangor need, but Firefly rare. Only found under Honey Tree in 4 places on Deserted Island. Stangor have good Cheat Sheet.

Stangor learn, catching rare fish harder than killing Monsters. Most Monsters fall dead with four blows from Stangor small-sword. But now more Monsters come each time. Some bigger, faster, take more than 4 blows. Almost as if gods of Deserted Island know Stangor gain more skill, not all-time slash at thin air like Village Idiot. But tough hide on new monsters, make Stangor sword dull. Stangor must run, hide, use whetstone before can fight. Stangor also get stung by big ants, have to take potions, mushrooms, bitterbugs. Little Weak Glasses-Man always must push buttons faster while Stangor keep lookout.

Stangor now able to cook Rare Steak from Monster Meat many times, not burn meat like silly weakling from city. Still hard to cook meat Well Done. Stangor must eat after every two Monster Fights.

Stangor surprised some Monsters not Endangered Species yet. Stangor keep backpack small, fit in more ore, bugs, fish, meat. But Storage Box of Stangor, back in yurt in Moga Village, now very full! Many skulls, bones, bugs, potions. Stangor rich, soon hire deformed Armorer Dwarf to make great weapons.

Stangor now know magic to bring Wei D’Or to Stangor world, fight Monsters together in Arena. Stangor wrong before. Woman can hunt too. Stangor could even become Woman. Hunter women very sturdy, shapely. But Wei D’Or still too weak, silly. Hunter’s Guild no have We D’Or yet as member. Wei D’or must kill more, gather more.


I ukene fremover presenterer Imagonem en serie gjesteblogger fra Ærverdige Ivan Stang, skriftlærd og radiovert for den internasjonale Church of the SubGenius. Pastoren deler her den oppbyggelige fortellingen om sin gjenoppdagelse av dataspillenes vidunderlige verden med oss.




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