A history of Archipelago

Matthijs Holter går gjennom designhistorien til rollespillet Arkipelago med avleggere, og hinter om et nytt spill i kjømda.

Nørwegian Style

Archipelago is the most played of my games. Probably because it’s one of the best – and because it’s one of the few that actually have a market potential. Many of the games I make are things that few people are interested in, and fewer actually play. Because, you know, I’m a fucking artist.

I say «my» – and for some years it was just my game; but without Jason Morningstar it wouldn’t be what it is now, as you’ll see from the history below. He’s an awesome guy. We’ve met for about 10 minutes, during which he mostly said «I’m ill and have to go to my room», or «could you talk to this guy, because I’m exhausted from being ill». Other than that, we know each other only via the internet.

Aaaanyway. Let’s go.

0. Earthsea

A million years back, I wanted to make an Earthsea role-playing game…

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