Stangor run for hours. Get tired, take Potion of Mushrooms, gobble many Herbs. Get injured by monsters. Slaves carry Stangor to Base Camp to heal.

Stangor very strong. High valor rating.


… Wha… where am I? What’s that TV doing on? Was I on the Wii again?

The swiftly increasing dependence on becoming Stangor and fetching mushrooms and monster carcasses actually kept me from working OR exercising almost all day yesterday. I finally got to work starting about 8 pm.

Wei and I want to live, so we walk a lot for exercise. Last week, before Stangor, we hiked up hill and down dale for 2 hours with no problem. Now, we’re again walking only a little, and falling behind.

Hmmm… I… COULD… blow off this «job» I’m supposed to do and make a quick run to the Moga Woods for a few dinosaur bladders and Blue Mushrooms… at least I would be «outdoors.» It wouldn’t be REAL exercise, but it might feel like real exercise, sort of.

Stangor have long hair, gray streaks, but no dandruff.

Stangor never take bath, wear armor all day yet never stink.


Stangor will return later with fresh raw meat, many Wyvern teeth. Impress food stand woman in village.

Now Stangor must use Magic Window, send word-scrolls of rants by little weak glasses man to big chief editor in San Francisco, get money for new game controller. Little glasses man can die now. Stangor send in old silly papers for him, earn many Resources, upgrade weapons. Stangor no longer need silly glasses man.


I ukene fremover presenterer Imagonem en serie gjesteblogger fra Ærverdige Ivan Stang, skriftlærd og radiovert for den internasjonale Church of the SubGenius. Pastoren deler her den oppbyggelige fortellingen om sin gjenoppdagelse av dataspillenes vidunderlige verden med oss.




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